Tecar Therapy

Tecar Therapy

About Tecar Therapy

We have invested in a new electrotherapy technology called Human Tecar. Its main benefits are:

  • Accelerates reduction in pain compared to other electrotherapies such as ultra-sound
  • Accelerates the natural healing mechanisms of the body reducing recovery time

Tecar activates the treated area by applying a biocompatible radiant energy which increases the cellular metabolic processes. So by stimulating the innate energy within biological tissues, it activates the body’s natural repair and anti-inflammatory processes.

Scientific Studies

Tecar vs. Ultrasound for Treatment of Degenerative Neck Pain

A study at the University of Valencia on degenerative neck pain involving 100 patients was randomised into two groups of Tecar and Ultra-sound. It showed a statistically significant pain reduction in the Tecar group at days 1,4,5,6. In addition, there were greater limitations on flexion, extension and cervical rotation in the Ultrasound group. Therefore, there was a greater need for further physiotherapy support in the Ultrasound group as a result often 2 to 3 times greater than the Tecar group.

Study on Pain Relief and Return to Function in Active Athlete Population

A study of 116 active athletes showed a significant reduction in pain and significant improvement in recovery times when compared to standard recovery protocols, as well as significant improvements in return to function.

Tecar vs. TENS in Phantom Limb Pain

A 40 patient study was randomised into 2 groups of 20. Tecar showed immediate reduction in pain especially where VAS was at 10 pre-treatment. VAS is a pain scale, with 10 being the maximum pain and zero no pain. Tecar showed an earlier relief from pain when compared to TENS reaching earlier statistical significance. Tecartherapy has a therapeutic analgesic effect that is more significant and immediate in short term phantom limb pain when compared to TENS.

Tecar Study in a Single Centre across a Range of Pathologies

A total of 117 patients were treated using Tecar with the following findings summarised as follows:
35 Osteo-Arthritis patients with 29 out of 35 showing good to excellent functional improvements.
24 Spinal Pathologies with 20 out of 24 showing good to excellent functional improvements.
43 Sciatica patients with 20 asymptomatic post the 5th treatment, a further 7 asymptomatic post the 8th treatment and a further 16 showing pain reduction.
15 Herniated Disc patients with 6/15 asymptomatic post 3 weeks and 4/15 showing slight pain.

Tecar in the Treatment of Chronic Osteo-Arthritis in the Elderly

217 OA patients in an open series over a 4 year period with pain and function as the key measures. 85% showed good to excellent overall results and 62% a significant improvement in patients who had chronic issues and were treated with other forms of electrotherapy.


Here are some testimonials which show how international athletes have valued it in training (i.e. preventative use) and for recovery from injury:

"Human Tecar makes my physique more flexible and relaxed, allowing for a faster and more pleasurable recovery from training"
Asafa Powell World Record, 100m Sprint

"Human Tecar helps me regain maximum muscular elasticity"
Andrew Howe Silver Medallist, Long Jump, World Championships Osaka 2007

"I discovered Human Tecar not long ago, but in just this short time I’ve already noticed the speed and effectiveness of the therapy, both in the recovery phase of my training program and in recovering from handicaps"
Stefano Maniscalco World and European Heavyweight Karate Champion

"Human Tecar is definitely an advantage in that, besides aiding in recovery from injuries, it helps to rid the body of accumulated muscle fatigue"
Renato Pasini Gold, Nordic Ski World Championships, Sapporo – Japan 2007

"Before Human Tecar, team recovery times were very long. Now we manage to resolve any injury or disorder quickly. With Human Tecar, symptoms vanish completely and results are more stable"
Giorgio Di Centa Olympic Gold, Cross Country Skiing, Turin 2006

* To find out further information please see the main Tecar website http://www.tecar.eu


Senior Chartered Physiotherapist, M.C.S.P, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapist, Physio First member, Biomechanics Specialist.

Member of the Society of Physiotherapy André qualified at the University of East London. During this time, he has gained a broad range of experience at the Royal London Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital.