Sports Massage

Sports Massage
Sports massage is the management and rehabilitation of soft tissue of the body (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Sports massage is not exclusive to sports people. People with chronic pain, joint problems, and stress or posture related dysfunctions, can benefit from it too.
Sports massage is designed to give you the best options in terms of recovery. It mixes deep  and gentle massage techniques with specific ones like Muscle Energy Techniques and Soft Tissue Release.
Muscle Energy Technique, or MET, comes from the fact that you are using your own energy (via muscle contraction) to enable a physiological chain of events to occur. It focuses on stretching, strengthening and breaking down adhesion. Here is what MET is beneficial for:

  • To reduce hypertonicity
  • To improve circulation
  • To aid in the re-alignment of muscle fibres
  • To lengthen short or tightened muscle fibres
  • To strengthen weakened muscles
  • To help restore proprioception

Soft Tissue Release, also known as STR, is a form of stretching that can be applied actively or passively. It can be used to target a broad group of muscles or a specific area. Benefits include:

  • To relieve chronic tissue congestion
  • To improve elasticity of the muscle
  • To increase muscle length
  • To break down scar tissue