ScarWork is the original work of Sharon Wheeler. She discovered it in 1973 and then developed it.
Scars are not always definitive. Scars are healing in random fashion, but with ScarWork, we can integrate them by improving their appearance and the condition of surrounding tissues.
There is never a scar that is exactly like another – each scar is unique. Scar tissue quality changes quickly and easily, so the amount of change in one intervention can be rapid and extensive. Between 30 minutes to 1 hour of work is average. The touch is light, casual and rarely painful, even for new scars. Improvements appear to be permanent and progressive towards better integration and function. It’s never too late to work on a scar, so any scar can be treated. There will be only consideration for how soon I can work on a new scar.
Here is what ScarWork is beneficial for:

  • Changes quickly and easily the quality of scar tissue
  • Increases aesthetic of the appearance of the scar
  • Increases range of motion of tissue surrounding the scar