Carmel Phelan

Carmel Phelan is no longer practicing in the UK

For qualified lymphoedema therapists please contact The LSN & The BLS linked below.

Book Recommendation “Let’s Talk Lymphoedema: The essential guide to everything you need to know", by Professor Peter Mortimer & Gemma Levine. Available on Amazon.

Lymphoedema Support Network

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) is a registered charity and the only UK’s national patient-led organisation offering information and support for people with lymphoedema.

  • Lymphoedema Support Network

  • St. Luke’s Crypt, Sydney Street,
  • London SW3 6NH
  • Tel: 020 7351 4480 (Information & support)

  • Website:

British Lymphology Society (BLS)

The British Lymphology Society (BLS) is a Multi-Discipline Organisation consisting of Health Care Professionals who are directly involved in the management of lymphoedema or interested in the problems associated with lymphatic disorders. The BLS website provides comprehensive information on the work and aim of the society and a directory of MLD Practitioners.