Treat your feet

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Rebeca Gomez's medicure

Unless you're buying shoes, you probably don't spend much time thinking about your feet. But cramming them into sweaty trainers or pointly heels can take their toll on tootsies. Now, in addition to having their masseuse on speed-dial, those in the know have programmed podiatrist Rebecca Gomez's number into their phone. Her revolutionary new Medicure goes a lot further than just filing your toenails and slapping on polish. The 60-minute treatment starts with a thorough foot examination. Nails are then trimmed, reshaped, buffed and polished, and callouses, hard skin and corns are removed. An invigorating foot massage is followed by the application of a nourishing nail oil. Finally, Rebecca assesses the way you stand and walk. Problems such as flat feet can throw knee and hip joins out of line which can eventually lead to serious problems, including back pain. But once any problems are identified, a bespoke orthotic insole can be made that will correct them. Better yet, Rebecca, a fan of high heels herself, can create orthotics that will slip easily into the slimmest of stilettos. The medicure costs £ 60 and is available at the ALO Clinic, 20 Harley Street, London. For an appointment, call Rebecca on 07957 621480 or go to

Claire Coleman