Mida's touch

Take part in our Golf Screening and Physiotherapy Programme and stay in tip-top form for your game all year...

( Words by Chris Meadows and Andrè De Oliveira)

During 2003 Andrè De Oliveira treated over sixty Capital Golf members including all the golf professionals at the School. He has received universal praise from all that have been to visit the clinic in Harley Street for sixth sense in finding the causes of pain and treating them with care and precision. This year Andrè has introduced his 'Golf Screening with Physiotherapy Programme' that helps all golfers discover greater flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Golf Screenings are now used by many golfers around the world. Tiger Woods for example has his own Physiotherapist assessing his body to maintain peak performance and prevent golf injuries.

What is it? Golf Screening means assessing all your muscle groups. posture and recording any deviation from the normal. Golf Screening detects physical and postural limitations of the golfer, muscle imbalance and therefore prevents injury and helps to achieve peak performance.

Who is it for? Golf Screening is not just for top golfers: it can be applied to all levels from the amateur to the middle aged ladies golfers, corporate golfers, professionals, etc.

Andrè De Oliveira is available for general physiotherapy at his clinic in Harley Street. Bookings can be made by calling 0207 636 8845. Just say you were reccomended by ALL the golf pros at Regent Park II RP.