Hands on help

Help with pain and stress is quite literally at hand in a quiet, calm and relaxing clinic on No. 20 Harley Street. Here you will find A.L.O. Physiotherapy Clinic, run by Andrè De Oliveira, a qualified physiotherapist with impressive experience in orthopaedics, paediatrics, neurology, respiratory and cardiac care, sport injuries, post-surgical care as well as stress treatment. He established his first Harley Street practice in 2001 after working in many of the leading London Hospitals and developing a distinctive holistic approach to physiotherapy.

He believes in treating the person 'as a whole', combining medical and holistic approaches dealing with the causes of the problem as well as the immediate referral symptoms. This entails an expert and detailed examination of posture and movement in order to provide appropriate and individualised treatment to restore mobility. The aim of physiotherapy is to 'get people moving', and for Andrè it is important to ensure a long term recovery while attempting to prevent recurrence of a problem. In order to achieve these he considers home life, work environment and others elements of a person's day to day routine and attitudes which can effect pain and stress. Rehabilitation is at the core of the clinic's work, treating, healing and restoring function, movement and general well being.

A variety of treatments are offered, ranging from manual therapy (and Andrè has been described as having "magic hands"), postural correction and training, electrotherapy, soft tissue work, acupuncture, relaxation and meditation. A specific and detailed programme of home exercises is given to each patient, home work which is essential to the treatment process. Because Andrè feels that enviromental influences are important to recovery, the clinic's design and decor are soothing and comforting, and this gentle atmosphere is further enhanced by soft background music.

Although Andrè sees many patients with sport injuries, his work with post surgical patients also forms a large part of the referrals to the clinic. But perhaps most interesting is the growing number of people who come to him for stress or stress related prblems. Amongst the treatments he uses the for tension and stress are therapeutic massage, to restore vitality, lessen pain and bring about a feeling of peace and balance, breathing techniques to release mental and muscular discomfort, and acupuncture to stimulate the body's healing.

There are other holistic treatments from professional colleagues available at A.L.O., ranging from Lymph Drainage Therapy and Aromatherapy to Reflexology. Patients can refer themselves, or be referred by their GP or specialist, and fees can be recovered by medical insurance. The staff at this very pleasant and restful clinic is friendly and impressively speak several languages, including Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

A.L.O. Physiotherapy Clinic