Golf Screening and Physiotherapy


An enjoyable way to play better golf
Golf Screening and Physiotherapy

  • Golf Specific Physical Assessment
  • Strengthening and conditioning programme
  • Individual Stretching and Postural Programme
  • Prevention of Golf Injuries
  • Golf Specific Flexibility training




Golf Screenings

Are now used by many golfers around the world. Tiger Woods for example has his own Physiotherapist assessing his body to maintain peak performance and prevent golf injuries.

What is it?

Golf Screening detects physical and postural limitations of the golfer, muscle imbalance and therefore prevents injury and helps to achieve peak performance.

Who is it for?

Golf Screening is not just for top golfers. It can be applied to all levels from the amateur to professionals.

Benefits of our Golf Screening Program

Your body will be more prepared for Golf performance and therefore there will be more chance of improving your handicap and scores. 

  • It will promote your longevity in the game of golf as you get older
  • It will allow your body to practice and play for longer without your swing breaking down
  • It will promote injury prevention
  • Maximise your physical ability to play golf
  • Improve your enjoyment of golf by minimising injury.

Frequently Asked Questions to which we can anwer:

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  • How do I prevent back pain as a Golfer?
  • What is the best way to lift buggy and clubs?
  • How do I prevent upper body pain as a golfer?
  • How should I stretch for Golf?
  • How do I eat and drink my way to better Golf?
  • How should I chose my shoes and look after my feet?
  • Is your fitness program destroying your golf swing?
  • How should I plan for playing in varying climates and weather conditions?

Golf Screening fees:

1 hour £70